Active Staff @ Home with the Kids

We know many of our staff are juggling home schooling and work which isn't the easiest combination. Active Staff have been here to help keep you entertained during this pandemic and we want to extend our services out to help keep your children and family entertained too. 

Get involved in our family challenge that will go very nicely with the UH Big Team Step Challenge. We're teaming up with HSV@HOME as they have already provided some great resources and ways to keep the kids active during lockdown. Join us for some live and pre recorded workshops and enjoy learning how to grow your very own vegatable patch with 'Our Veg Tales' blog. 


Our friends at the Hertfordshire Sports Village have been busy finding free online activities to keep the kids entertained. You can find lots of resources and ways to get the kids active here.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to entertain younger children. You can do lots of different ones, scavenging for coloured items around the house, outdoor hunts and even more tricky hunts involving clues! We have created a scavenger hunt for you to try around your local area on your next walk.

Try our scavenger hunt here. We hope you enjoy it. 

Please do share on social media using #HSVActiveFamilies we'd love to see and hear about your hunts!

HSV Active Families Daily Mile

With schools across the country closed once again, your child may be missing taking part in the Daily Mile. We are therefore encouraging families to take part in our Active Families Daily Mile during February half term, it’s an easy and fun way to stay active and maintain good health and wellbeing for you and your children.

You can walk, run or jog - whatever pace suits you best. Every day you complete your daily mile don’t forget to fill in your tracker, maybe you could draw a smiley face or even add a sticker.

It would be great to see you doing your Daily Mile, so be sure to post on social media using #HSVActiveFamilies.

Make sure you join your children on their daily mile as every step counts if you involved in the UH Big Team Step Challenge which is running throughout February. If you haven't signed up or got a team you can find out more here. 

Our Veg Tales

Follow mother and son duo Shelley and Jenson as they show you how to grow your garden into a fruit and veg wonderland. You'll find Our Veg Tales weekly blogs here.

Vlog 1 - Explore the garden they are working in, watch the vlog here.

Vlog 2 - They have been busy buying newing things for the garden, take a look at what they have bought, watch the vlog here.

Vlog 3 - Here you can see the progress with the raddish they planted, watch the vlog here.

Vlog 4 - Today, Shelley is rehousing the rose bush to make space for the rhubarb, watch the vlog here.


Have a go at juggling!

You're juggling lots of aspects of life at the moment, how about learning to really juggle with our friends from Showtime Circus. Back by popular demand and during Half Term so the kids can get involved too! Learn to juggle with Jess from Showtime Circus. All you’ll need is 3 balls or even 3 pairs of socks, some space and you’ll soon be juggling away. She may even through in a magic trick or two!!

Monday 15th February 12pm - 12:30pm

Join here


Forest-Bathing for kids!

Forest-Bathing is a great way of spending time with your children to explore nature close-up together. The activities in this 30-minute session will encourage you to connect with your children and with nature in a mindful way, if you’d like to take part there are a few things you’ll need to prepare:

  • You will be indoors (mainly) and outdoors (briefly)
  • Find some favourite places in your home where you can sit with your children
  • One of these places should have a view outdoors
  • Try to switch off devices so you’re not distracted
  • Have a writing pad and some pens/pencils
  • Have a small container to collect leaves/twigs/flowers etc from outdoors

Friday 19th February 14.00 - 14.30

Join the session here