The best facilities
at student prices

  • From only £16.50
  • Access to our 100+ station gym
  • Large free weights area
  • Multi-functional training rig
  • Dedicated Oval Gym
  • 2 fully equipped studios
  • 25 metre, 8 Lane Pool
  • Performance and Bodybalance Physio
  • Impressive 12 metre high wall
  • Match-quality racquet courts
  • New Generation Astro Pitches
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UH Sport
Athletic Union

Photography Activator

Do you want to be part of and shape a programme that helps make other students and staff’s time at the University unforgettable?

1 July 2020

Basketball Activator

Do you have a passion for growing basketball and inspiring others to participate?

1 July 2020

UniRun Activator

Do you enjoy being involved in running or jogging activities, such as parkrun? Do you want to encourage more people to participate and develop their j

1 July 2020

Wellbeing Activator

Do you want to be part of a programme that helps other students settle into University life and make their experience a positive one?

1 July 2020

Roller Skating Activator

Do you have a passion for roller skating and want to inspire others to learn how to skate and further develop their skills?

1 July 2020