The best facilities
at student prices

  • From only £16.50
  • Access to our 100+ station gym
  • Large free weights area
  • Multi-functional training rig
  • Dedicated Oval Gym
  • 2 fully equipped studios
  • 25 metre, 8 Lane Pool
  • Performance and Bodybalance Physio
  • Impressive 12 metre high wall
  • Match-quality racquet courts
  • New Generation Astro Pitches
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Covid 19 Code of Behaviour for Athletic Union Clubs

Covid-19 is a highly infectious and dangerous disease.

17 September 2020

Swimming Pool Timetable

Swimming Pool Timetable

17 September 2020

Busy Car Park - 16th until 23rd September 

Our car park will be extra busy from today for a week as the University of Hertfordshire welcomes its new student cohort for 2020!

16 September 2020

Group Exercise Timetable

Why not exercise together?

11 September 2020

Swimming Lessons Pool Layout and Entry Points

Swimming Lessons will be recommencing from Monday 7 September. The pool layout for lessons has changed and so have your entry points...

1 September 2020