Welcome to our first UH Big Team Step Challenge!

Active Staff is running an online activity challenge using Big Team Challenge for all UH staff and subsidiary companies.  External partners we work with are also welcome to participate.  We think it will be a great way to help us all keep connected whilst making the most of our one session of outdoor exercise each day. Read this article from Lindsay Bottoms in the School of Life and Medical Science who talks about the positive impact squeezing a small amount of physical activity into your day can have on your physical and mental health!

The challenge will start on Monday 1 February and will run for 4 weeks.  Each team of up to 5 participants will be aiming to travel around our virtual route. Walking, running and cycling are all encouraged as the system allows you to input your daily distance.  You can also automatically track your progress using your Fitbit, Apple watch and Google Fit.

Each team is limited to 5 members, so choose yours wisely!

Follow the instructions below to register and get your team invited!

Team leaders

Go to ‘uniofherts.bigteamchallenge.com’ and register yourself on the system.

Once on the dashboard go to ‘My Team’ and follow the instructions to create a new team.  Please add which SBU / department you're all from under 'location'.

Send out up to 4 invites to your team members (make sure they register using the email address you send the invite to).

Mobile Apps

The Big Team Challenge app is available for iPhone and Android. Simply use the challenge address uniofherts.bigteamchallenge.com when prompted on the first screen. 

What is Big Team Challenge?

Big Team Challenge is a virtual activity challenge. As part of a team, your real-world physical activity is mapped onto a virtual route; your goal is to reach the end of the route by the time the challenge ends. You can track your physical activity via our website, with our iOS and Android apps, or you can sync with FitBit, Apple Health and Google Fit.  The challenge starts at 00:01 on Monday 1 February and finishes at 23:59 on Sunday 28 February.

Before The Challenge Begins

First, get your team ready. You can either organise a new team yourself or join an existing one. If you’re creating a new team, you’ll want to register your new account, create a team, then invite your team-mates. If you’re joining an existing one, you might receive a team invitation, or you can join the team from the website/apps once you’ve registered. To register, visit "http://uniofherts.bigteamchallenge.com"  or download our app from the App Store or Google Play and use "uniofherts.bigteamchallenge.com" as the challenge website address.

If you’ve been given an access code by your challenge organiser, you’ll need to enter it during the registration process. Once you’re registered, you can create a new team and invite your team-mates. If you’ve been invited to a team, you’ll see the invitations on the website and in the apps.

Once the challenge begins, it’s time to start tracking your activity. You can manually enter your activity on the apps and website or you can choose to sync a connected service such as Fitbit, Apple Health or Google Fit (these are available via the app). Doing so means your activity will sync without you having to manually enter it. If you’ve linked Apple Health or Google Fit, your latest activity will sync every time you open the app, so make sure to do that every few days. As you track your activity, your team will progress along the virtual route. The map will show you where you are along the route and the leaderboard will allow you to see your team’s ranking.

Need technical support?

The Big Team Challenge website has an excellent 'Help' function to help with all sorts of technical questions you may have about the website or app. 

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us activestaff@herts.ac.uk