Step into the exciting world of dodgeball with a club that celebrates every player’s uniqueness! We’re proud of our diverse and inclusive team, a melting pot of talents, backgrounds, and skills, each adding a distinct flavor to our winning recipe.

With two dynamic league teams showcasing our collective prowess, we’re not just participants - we’re contenders, eyeing the championship with determination and flair. In every throw, catch, and dodge, witness a symphony of varied strengths harmonising into a powerful force.

Your uniqueness is your ticket to this thrilling journey, where every game is a dance of diverse talents and strategies, and every win, a shared glory. Join us - let’s embrace diversity, revel in inclusivity, and conquer the dodgeball world together!


The club takes part in a variety of competitions including local open tournaments, and Regional & National Championships including University League and Cup programmes managed by BUCS.

BUCS: Mens South Eastern Tier 1A 

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Squad!

Represent membership

In Semester B, for just £59.99, represent UH and your chosen sport in regular competitive leagues and competitions. 

Your membership includes benefits such as:

  • Weekly training sessions with National Governing Body (NGB) qualified coaches
  • On-Campus, top quality facilities
  • Competition and administration fees
  • NGB affiliation and registration fees
  • Exclusive Club Sport Hoodie
  • Personal injury insurance
  • Transport to away league fixtures, competitions and events
  • Qualified match officials for home fixtures
  • Discounted hire of HSV facilities


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  • Once logged in, go to ‘make a booking’ in the top orange bar
  • Select ‘Student Only Clubs’
  • Select the membership you would like to purchase and follow the on screen instructions


Dodgeball is a young, engaging and fast-growing sport. It’s the ideal mix of team strategy and individual performance. I enjoy dodgeball as it doesn’t use one specific skill, allowing individuals to thrive in their own area whilst playing a vital role in the team. You can be a thrower and make crucial hits, or you can be taking catches and saving teammates, or you can be the agile dodger who is key in keeping the group alive. It’s not the ‘norm’ sport to play, so I believe it encourages a broader audience because it is so inclusive.