Golf is a game of precision and mental agility. 


The friendships I’ve built with numerous people throughout the years. But also, being able to represent the university in a number of competitions organised by BUCS and being about to bring back the win!

Represent the University

Established at Essendon Golf Club, the University’s Golf Club make the most of the fantastic facilities on offer to them as they look to compete at the highest level in their BUCS competition.

The club are looking to recruit talented male or female players to further strengthen and develop the squad for the upcoming season.


The Golf Club compete in the National University League and Cup programme managed by BUCS:

Mixed: Tier 1 (League TBC) and Trophy

How to Join

There are three weeks of free trials and taster sessions at the start of Semester B (Monday 10th January - Sunday 30th January).

Anyone invited to join the Club must have signed up and paid for their membership following this three-week period.

Please pre-register by contacting the Club on their social media channels


The Golf Club receive tuition from the PGA professionals at Essendon Golf Club.

Golf Interested in Golf?

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