Judo is an exciting and dynamic sport and we have opportunities for all abilities and fitness levels.


Hockey has made my time at university so fulfilling, being able to play a great sport, as well as socialising with a range of people who I wouldn't have had a chance to meet otherwise.

Represent the University

The club pride themselves on their sociable nature, but also, through the grading system, clear goals can be set for members to reach, whilst there is the opportunity to compete as well.


The Judo Club enter a variety of different competitions throughout the year, although they predominantly attend the University team events held across the country.

How to Join

There are two weeks of free trials and taster sessions following Freshers' Week (Monday 4th October - Sunday 17th October).

Anyone invited to join the Club must have signed up and paid for their membership following this three-week period.

Please pre-register at the HertSquad Sports Fair (Wednesday 29th September) or by contacting the Club on their social media channels.


The Judo Club is coached by a highly experienced and qualified coach.

Judo Interested in Judo?

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