A statement from BUCS

Friday 19 June, 2020

Return to Play

As the governing body for Higher Education (HE) Sport, our role is to provide the best sporting experience possible, despite the unprecedented landscape. Unfortunately, there is no ‘playbook’ or existing protocol for dealing with the situation we are currently facing, so we are working hard to find the right strategies and solutions.

We fully recognise the impact our decisions can have on clubs, teams and students. This is why we have based our return to play decision making on consultation with our member universities and colleges. So far, the return to play process has engaged over 300 staff and students from over 140 institutions.

We recognise that understanding what students and staff need is absolutely crucial if we want to achieve any success. That is why we would like to once again thank all of those that have engaged in the consultation opportunities so far, and reassure all our members that we will continue to listen over the coming weeks and months.

We know that any worry or disappointment being felt comes from the passion students, coaches and volunteers have for higher education sport, and we understand those fears and concerns. All we can do is continue to work together, and share the solutions each of us discovers.

If you have any queries please go here or contact HertSquad