Thursday 17 September, 2020

Covid-19 is a highly infectious and dangerous disease. A resumption of HertSquad Athletic Union (AU) activity is only achievable if those involved create and maintain a controlled environment that minimises the threat of transmission and infection.

• Risk in sport cannot be completely eradicated but with caution and care these risks can be reduced.

 • Each individual will need to decide when to return to their Sports Club activity, based on their own circumstances and the arrangements that have been put in place for a safe return. This is particularly the case for individuals from BAME communities or those with underlying health conditions


All those returning to any AU Sports Club activity must adopt the following code of behaviour:

Be aware of your own personal health. If you show any of the Covid-19 symptoms you must stay at home, inform NHS test and trace and seek medical advice.

Be responsible. Read the guidance provided by your club, your Sports NGB, The University and Government Guidance so that you are aware of the changes to your activity and what is expected of you. This will include things like being prepared to wash your own kit, bringing your own labelled water bottle, reduced access to changing facilities, and reduced time before and after training sessions.

 • Practice good hygiene. Wash/sanitize your hands regularly including before, during and after your activity.

 • Where possible maintain social distancing. This won’t always be possible, especially in a competitive competition (where your NGB has permitted) environment (for example when tackling or intercepting an opponent) and that is acceptable. However, before, and after a game you should maintain social distancing.

Support NHS Test and Trace. You’re likely to be asked to provide your details so that in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak those potentially infected can be traced. This is to everyone’s benefit so please cooperate.

 • Do not spit and avoid shouting where possible. Spitting and the rinsing out of mouths is now a recognised risk to health. Avoid shouting or raising your voice if face to face with other participants.

 • After the activity. Be aware that other users may be waiting to use the facilities. Changing rooms and showers are likely to be closed and any socialising must follow the Government's guidance on social distancing.