Multi-Sport Accessible Sessions

Monday 6 December, 2021

Join Active Students free Archery, Boccia, Spikeball and Curling sessions every Tuesday and Thursday on de Havilland Campus. These are our weekly multi-sport accessible sessions, taking place at the Sports Halls in Hertfordshire Sports Village!

These sessions are accessible for all and are the perfect opportunity to try out new sports and activities in a low capacity, low stimulus environment. All the sports can be played while sitting, or standing up. This means that participants in wheelchairs, crutches, or casts are getting the same benefits of being active and socially interacting with their peers. Our activators will be there to teach you about these sports and support you throughout the sessions.

What are the benefits of Multi-Sport Accessible sessions?
For spikeball, the game consists of bouncing a ball on a small net; after the bounce, the opposing team has to do the same until someone fails to bounce the ball. Archery sets include a bow, arrow and a target for each participant. The arrows used have a small suction cup at the tip to stick to the target once thrown. Archery can be performed easily standing, or sitting. Boccia is all about rolling (or throwing) a white ball and throwing other balls after that as close to the first one as possible. Each team’s goal is to get closest to the ball. This is also very adaptable to every participants activity and mobility levels. Curling consists of sliding discs (which have a set of wheels) over the floor while trying to get them on top of a target. The aim is to get closer to the target and points are counted by that measure. This sport can be played by sitting down, kneeling, crouching, or standing.

Who can come along to the sessions?
These sports have low-injury risk and aren’t strenuous on your body. Therefore, we welcome people from all backgrounds, skill level and fitness level to our Multi-Sport Accessible sessions. Activators will be present at the sessions to assist, teach and support you. For any questions you have about the session or if you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or our activators at the session.

What should you wear for the session?
All participants should wear comfortable, breathable athletic clothing to participate in the event. You must bring your UH ID cards. Don’t forget your water bottle, too! It’s important to stay hydrated during your participation.

We look forward to seeing you at Multi-Sport Accessible sessions every week!