Women's Football

Tuesday 23 November, 2021

Join Active Students for Women’s Football sessions every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday on College Lane Campus.

Sessions are led by a female activator and they are a great opportunity for girls of all levels to come along and learn some new football skills, whether they are a complete beginner or have played before. Sessions take place on the Oval 3G football pitch on College Lane Campus. Female football activators will be there to support you during your session.

What are the benefits of Women's Football?
Playing football at any level is an excellent exercise for your body. It increases cardiovascular health and reduces stress levels immensely. Women who play football experience increased flexibility, mobility and strength in their legs. The increased activity level and the movements your body goes through while playing football has been proven to burn calories and fat more efficiently than cycling or running.
Furthermore, as football is a team sport, you don’t have to participate alone. Your friends can join this session; getting involved in group exercise activity is extremely beneficial for your mental health. There have been many studies showing how engaging in physical activity in groups can improve mental health. Physical activity helps release feel-good hormones and that can improve your mood and give you more energy throughout the day.

Who can come along to the sessions?
Whether you are a beginner or have played football before, you can get involved. Active Students welcomes girls from any background, fitness level and skill level. Active Students Women’s Football isn’t a competition or challenge, it is merely a participatory event to get you active and engaging in a fun sport. Any questions you might have about the session or if you need assistance, the student activators will be there to assist throughout the scheduled session.

What should you wear for the session?
Participants should wear comfortable, breathable clothing and trainers or football boots. All participants must bring their UH ID cards to be able to join the session. Also, don’t forget to bring your water bottle; it’s important to stay hydrated during your exercise sessions!

We look forward to seeing you at our Active Students Women’s Football session every week!