We welcome all levels of ability from complete novice to the experienced, competitive rower.


I like being part of a mixed team and training is always fun and challenging. You walk away feeling like you've achieved something even from a training session.

Represent the University

Water training is held at Broxbourne Rowing Club, where everyone is also given membership.

Training also includes ergometers, circuits and gym work. There is an opportunity to compete in a number of events hosted by Broxbourne, British Rowing and BUCS, which cater for all standards.  


The Rowing Club encourage their members to enter competitions managed by BUCS as well as other regional and national events.

How to Join

There are two weeks of free trials and taster sessions following Freshers' Week (Monday 4th October - Sunday 17th October).

Anyone invited to join the Club must have signed up and paid for their membership following this three-week period.

Please pre-register at the HertSquad Sports Fair (Wednesday 29th September) or by contacting the Club on their social media channels.


The Rowing Club are coached by an experienced and qualified coaches at Broxbourne Rowing Club.

Rowing Interested in Rowing?

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