HertSquad Sports Awards 2023

We hope all who attended this years Sports Awards had a great evening sharing success and memories from the season just gone. 

Please see below our Award winners this year and pop back in a week or two to watch some of the videos shown during the evening! For now relive the 2021/22 Season in all its glory via the video at the bottom of this page.

League winners  

  • Men’s Futsal (Premier League) 

  • Ultimate Frisbee (South Eastern 2) 

  • Women’s Lacrosse (South Eastern 2B) 

  • Men’s Basketball (Tier 4)  

  • Men’s Hockey (South Eastern 4A) 

  • Netball 3s (South Eastern 4B)  

Full Purples 

  • Olivia Tchine  

  • Morgan Rogers 

  • Courtney Ferns 

  • Melisa Robinson 

  • Joely Walling 

  • Chloe Langdale 

  • Kenichi Johnson-Nicol 

Club Purples 

  • Amy Louise Hills (Cheerleading) 

  • Elizabeth Smith (Cheerleading) 

  • Evie Ward (Cheerleading) 

  • Holly Wisbey (Cheerleading) 

  • Will Roads (Mens Football) 

  • Ollie Travell (Mens Football) 

  • Hattie Bourne (Womens Football)  

  • Alice King (Womens Football) 

  • Henrique Do Carmo (Mens Futsal) 

  • Bella Osman (Hockey) 

  • Ben Parker (Hockey) 

  • Hrishi Rana (Kickboxing) 

  • Courtney Ferns (Netball) 

  • Eliza Barclay (Netball) 

  • Lou Hone (Netball) 

  • Kelsey Bashford (Netball) 

  • Liberty Neave (Netball) 

  • Megan Wood (Netball) 

  • Zina Artjomova (Netball) 

  • Theoharys Stavropoulos (Taekwondo) 

  • Adam Bassett (Mens Rugby) 

  • Ciaran O’Sullivan (Mens Rugby) 

  • Paige Hossack (Womens Rugby) 

  • Tia Westbrook (Womens Rugby) 

  • Jack Lau (Badminton) 

  • Luke O'Mahoney (Men's Basketball) 

  • Matilda Bishop (Cricket) 

  • Stas Koper (Dodgeball)  

  • Charlotte Gerard (Kickboxing) 

  • Willow Tattersall (Kickboxing)  

  • Vicky Phillips (Women's Lacrosse) 

  • Tabitha Reuban (Women's Lacrosse) 

  • Jake Turner (Tennis) 

  • Ed Wikinson (Ultimate Frisbee) 

  • Sidney Ssozi (Ultimate Frisbee) 

  • Bryan Salugao (Volleyball) 

  • Alicia Cliff (Volleyball) 

Coach of the year  

  • Women’s Rugby Coaching Team 

Performance Coach of the year 

  • John Tapia-Owens 

Team of the Year 

  • Women’s Lacrosse 

Performance Team of the Year 

  • Mens Futsal 1 

Club of the Year 

  • Cheerleading 

A huge congratulations  to all who won an award. We wish everyone the best of luck for next year, whether you are studying here at UH still or have moved on to begin the next phase of your journey.