Utilising the amazing pool at Herts Sports Village, ranging form competitive competition to learning how to swim.


Swim team at Hertfordshire is one of the biggest advantages that I have gained from being at university. The team is full of friendly likeminded people who like to work and train hard but ultimately have fun within the welcoming environment. Not only this but the fun extends from out the pool, enjoying all the nights out and socials that we have together. Overall, my university experience became complete when I joined the swim team.

Represent the University

The Swim Team is strongly linked with Hatfield Swim Club, a very successful and competitive club in both the East region and nationally. The Club work closely with the ASA East Region to give our Swimmers many opportunities including Coaching Opportunities and Qualifications.

The team is mainly aimed at competitive swimmers who are looking to train and compete alongside Hatfield Swim Club and for the university at major competitions. As a team we also go one step further, helping other students with their research projects, for example in areas of Sports Science and Nutrition.


The Swimming Club encourage their members to enter competitions managed by BUCS as well as other regional and national events. Swimmers linking with Hatfield compete regularly under Hatfield Swimming Club. 

How to Join

There are three weeks of free trials and taster sessions at the start of Semester B (Monday 10th January - Sunday 30th January).

Anyone invited to join the Club must have signed up and paid for their membership following this three-week period.

Please pre-register by contacting the Club on their social media channels


The team is coached by a highly experienced and qualified coach.

Play for fun

Adult swimming lessons are available for a discounted rates for students.  Click here for further info

Swimming Interested in Swimming?

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