Ultimate Frisbee is a rapidly growing sport that is gaining popularity throughout the country


I started playing Ultimate in 2015 and haven't even considered stopping since. Ultimate combines jaw-dropping highlights, fast-paced athleticism and clever strategy with an amazingly welcoming community and wholesome fair play even at the highest levels. Whatever you may want from sport, you'll find it in Ultimate. We'll gladly welcome anyone to the team!

Represent the University

Our Men and Women both compete in BUCS Leagues, and there are also Mixed competitions where we have won National titles.

The training sessions are fun, energetic, and focused on good sportsmanship. The club welcomes students of all abilities to come and join as it continues to grow, develop and establish itself as a club.  


The Ultimate Frisbee Club compete in the National University League and cup programmes managed by BUCS:

Men’s 1st: South Eastern 2B and Conference Cup
Women's 1st: Tier 1 South Eastern

How to Join

There are three weeks of free trials and taster sessions at the start of Semester B (Monday 10th January - Sunday 30th January).

Anyone invited to join the Club must have signed up and paid for their membership following this three-week period.

Please pre-register by contacting the Club on their social media channels


Our coach here at the University of Hertfordshire is an international Ultimate player. The coach also delivers at St. Albans Ultimate, a local club with whom a partnership has been built to allow AU members to gain further training for free.

Play for fun

Learn the basics with Active Students.  Check out the timetable to see when there is a session that suits you.

Ultimate Frisbee Interested in Ultimate Frisbee?

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